Shift Your Focus for Sales Success

Rather than focusing on closing sales, focus on helping people to buy. Being governed by fear of rejection can make the task seem insurmountable, or an unattainable plateau. Many sales people take rejection far too personally. Being valued is important to self image, and self esteem and rejection can cause you to question that value. Unfortunately, in most cases the focus is on your personal fear of rejection rather than helping people make a good buying decision. The focus must be transferred and primarily centered around helping prospects to buy, and to make good buying decisions. Prospective clients are not concerned about how we feel, it’s how they feel; it’s not about us, it’s not about me, it’s about them! Shift your focus and you will immediately shift the fear of rejection.

If all of your attention is on yourself, and what’s in it for you, you will rarely get a sale. Very few people out there want to be sold. You don’t want to be sold. I don’t want to be sold. With that in mind, instead of selling, give your prospects a reason to buy.

Go in with greater confidence, and concern, shift concern from yourself and your company to the prospect. Shift your focus and change your thoughts. Provide options and choices that fit your prospects wants and needs. Focus on helping others…your prospect in particular. Go into each meeting with a genuine desire to help your prospect improve their life. Even if you are selling to businesses, the end result is all about making their life better through increased business success.

Sincerity, is a very important factor in helping any prospect to buy. As I mentioned earlier, go into each meeting with the attitude that whatever you do, you will leave your prospect better off than when you came in.

You are the most important part of the sales process, you are the most important factor that can build trust, build rapport, and build relationships. Be real, be authentic and present what you have to offer in a very sincere manner. Integrity is the key. “I know exactly how you feel, because I felt the same way.”

Follow these steps in your calls and watch your sales results soar!