But I Hate to Sell!

Are you serious about wanting to earn extra money with network marketing, but you hate the thought of selling? You’re not alone.

For many, the thought of selling brings images of talking nervously about your product, while secretly hoping and praying that someone will help you out by buying something…anything. So you get that first sale, but the next time isn’t much easier. It still feels as if you’re pressuring or begging.

Every business has products or services which someone needs or wants but most people don’t like the process leading up to the sale. So what’s the key to being successful?


Instead of rattling off all the benefits of your products in the first 60 seconds, step back and focus on the other person. Start a conversation and listen for needs. Most people are unhappy with one of four things: their finances, the amount of free time they have, their jobs or their health. Listen for dissatisfaction and then you can offer to help.

For example, if someone complains about always being tired, and you’re in the nutrition industry, first learn more about them. After genuinely listening and asking questions about them, you can ask a key question. “If I could show you how to increase your energy, would you like to learn more?” You’re offering to help them and then asking if they want information.

Don’t start telling them that you have the answer. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Telling them your product is what they need feels like they’re being “sold.”

But when you listen and find a problem, then you can offer something that could help. You ask permission to see if they even want information (some people prefer to stay stuck). Then proceed.

Let’s say that someone is frustrated with their job and you have a solid business where people can create a good income. Learn more about how long they’ve been doing that line of work, what they like about it, what they don’t like about it. Listen for their “hot buttons.” Then ask “If I could show you an alternative to your stressful job, would you be interested?”

Know your product or service. Know your company’s compensation plan so you can show people the possibilities. Don’t glamorize your product or business. Give facts based on what you know to be true. Share your story and why you believe in that product or that business.

Stop “selling.” Start listening. If you can solve a need, you will feel completely different about what you do.

Most people enjoy helping others. Most hate to sell. Make the shift to genuinely helping others and you’ll start enjoying what you do.

And that enjoyment can grow into a passion for your business because you know you are making a difference. When you are working from a caring, passionate perspective, you cannot help but attract customers and distributors to you.