How to Make Money Easy – Be at Service As a Notary Public

We all want to know how to make money easy, so we go on this mad hunt, wondering what is going to pop up in front of us. However, some of the most obvious opportunities can make money easy.

Take the notary public, for instance. A notary public is there to seal documents that have been signed. In other words, they are a legal witness to document signings.

For example, someone sells a car and they need to sign the title over to another individual. A notary public verifies that the individuals signing the title are who they say they are. The notary public is also witnessing, so they have to verify that they witnessed the signing.

And it’s not just car titles.

Notary publics may be needed for court documents, bank documents, deeds, and so much more. Anything that needs that “seal” that a notary public places upon a document, that is when one must be sought.

And what’s great is that people need documents notarized all of the time. Every single day there is someone needing to sign something.

As for how you can become a notary public, check with your local courthouse and they will give you the instructions you need for your particular state. Once you are an official notary public, people will be able to come to you to notarize their documents and they have to pay you to do it. That is actually some very easy cash when you think about it. You watch someone sign a paper, you declare that you witnessed it, you seal it, and you’re done.