Maximizing Marketing Mileage On Your Trade Show Displays

Ever feel like marketing exhibits have the potential to yield an extensive range of promotional benefits that your company is struggling to tap into? The problem could lie within your trade show displays. All too often, organizations adhere to the “more is more” marketing mentality with their trade show displays and squeeze as much corporate information (and internal employees!) as possible into their booth. Sound familiar? Fortunately, there are some proven methods that companies in any industry can easily incorporate into their trade show displays to help tone down the data dump onslaught and ensure that every visitor that stops in during a convention leaves with the appropriate promotional missive that your team is trying to convey.

Analyze Your Existing Trade Show Displays For Current Benefits (And Distractions)

Remember, tradeshow functions offer an excellent resource for businesses trying to broaden their brand exposure and reach new markets. However, this means that oftentimes, your exhibits are the first (and only) opportunity to make a positive and lasting impression. When it comes to showcasing effective trade show displays, it’s important to remember that it’s not always necessary to reinvent the wheel (or in this case, the booth). If you have recently updated your exhibit or purchased a new stand outright, you probably already have some great advertising resources you should keep.

Set up your stand and examine the images and graphics you’re currently using from the perspective of an event attendee. Ask yourself, “Are they overcrowding the exhibit?” “Do they send mixed marketing messages?” “Does the booth overwhelm with just too much information?” If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to streamline your look. Choose the most relevant graphics and images that best showcase your most current line of products and services that will engage and compel without overwhelming; it’s the best way to ensure that they’ll have some questions to ask the staff members manning your booth during the expo.

What’s Your Promotional Strategy For Manning Trade Show Displays At An Event?

When revamping your expo strategy, it’s important to remember that the booth itself is not the only component potentially hindering optimal success. Your staff members always play a critical role in the results yielded at any marketing function. Again, more is not always more; staffing your trade show displays with as many employees as you can squeeze inside its frame can actually dilute your message, professional image and overall impact.

Also, only including your account executive employees can deliver a one-dimensional message and make guests feel like they are trapped in a never-ending sales pitch. Instead, coordinate a schedule of coverage that ensures a wide range of various employees with different job functions will have an opportunity to engage with potential clients throughout the event. It will instantly make your booth feel more welcoming, less overwhelming and, most importantly, ensure that no matter what kind of questions visitors may have, there will be someone available with the experience and knowledge to answer them appropriately.