Printed Labels – Advancement in Technology

Labels form one of the most important segments of the packaging industry and have therefore become an integral part of any manufacturing unit in almost every allied industry across the globe. There was a time; finished goods when packaged required only a paint brush and black ink for making the essential markings on the packaged boxes prior to shipping the goods to their consignee’s addresses at their respective destinations. One of the major problems that were encountered in the earlier times was that because of the dabbing of ink, the details of the package were smudged and illegible which resulted in inordinate delays in the delivery of the consignment to the customer.

With the rapid advancement in modern technology and the widespread utilization of computers and their peripherals, there has been a radical transformation in the packaging industry especially in the label producing segment. In the present age, printed labels are frequently used by the shipping department of any commercial organization or its manufacturing unit. There are several electronic devices that are used for mass production of labels. Labels may vary from their utilization in a variety of areas. It would be pertinent to mention that large scale producing of printed labels tends to reduce manpower overheads and the extended costs of labor.

Labels are created from a large variety of materials such as paper, polymer, cloth or metals that can easily be attached to a packaged material through a superior quality adhesive or fixing material. In general, printed labels are available as self adhesive labels which the user can easily affix to the package with the slightest of pressure. These labels do not peel off their packages and remain steadfast for a longer period of time. Printed labels are extremely convenient in their usage.

These labels are clearly legible with the precise details being explicitly exposed on the package offering an advantage in locating the exact consignee and the address. This results in expeditious delivery of the consignment at the specified location within the specified time limit thereby eliminating penalty from the consignees’ end. Prompt deliveries result in repeat orders and further expansion of business. Further, printed labels generally contain the complete and requisite information on the contents of the package. The selection of a label is primarily dependent on the specific requirement of the user. While labels come in a large variety of forms, such as, black and white types, there are labels that are available in vivid colors which include four color processes involving a minimum of four different colors and a myriad of designs and patterns.

Labels have presently found a widespread use in the entire industry and have also become one of the most extensively used articles on all packaged products. Vibrant colored and intricately designed become the cynosure of the purchasers’ eyes and boost the sale of a large variety of products in the market. In fact, when customers visit a shopping mall, they are attracted more by an eye-catching label and want to purchase the product immediately. This is one of the foremost reasons why major suppliers emphasize on decorous and color printed labels.