How to Get the Most Out of Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signage is a powerful tool in a marketer’s arsenal. It can effectively convey a direct message to the target market and is a very effective way to make a statement and sell the goods and or services advertised in a cost effective way.

As good as outdoor signage is at conveying a message, if done wrong it can cause immense damage to your brand or business. Therefore, to make the most out of your signage and advertising it is advisable to follow a few simple rules when using it as a marketing medium.

The Rules of Great Outdoor Signage and Advertising

Rule 1:

Keep the content in the message you want to get across simple. The reason for this is twofold, people on the streets have very little time to read the message as they pass by and the bigger the message area used the more expensive the outdoor signage. Let the colours and images in the outdoor advertising or signage do the talking and the content back it up.

Rule 2:

Use colour to attract the attention of people who commute past the outdoor signage. If outdoor signage is not bright and vibrant it will blend into the background scenery. There are also many other outdoor messages that are “screaming” for the attention of passersby, so make sure that your message stands out.

Rule 3:

If you use outdoor signage at your place of business make sure that it not only announces your business, but also welcomes the customers and clients. It also needs to be professionally done, so ensure that you use an experienced and recognized outdoor advertising specialist.

Rule 4:

Local or grassroots advertising works! People identify with things they know or recognize, so use it to your advantage. By appealing to peoples community spirit, country or regional loyalty you can build a name for your business or brand within that area.

Rule 5:

Promote what you do where you do it. If the company or business you run does work away from the office brand the site where the work is done and the vehicles that are used to get there. Let the entire neighborhood know what you do and that you are proud of your work.

Rule 6:

Ensure that you stick to the regional outdoor advertising regulations of your city, region or country. This will not only ensure that you are not forced to take down your signage, but will also avoid a huge fine.