How to Motivate a Franchise Team

Keeping a Franchise Team motivated is not easy. You see Franchisees are people, people from all walks of life and each one is different. However you can motivate a franchise organization to run like a well-oiled machines or a world class sports team. How so you ask? By constantly reviewing your system, going over your marketing play book and evaluating what you are doing wrong and what you are doing great.

As the Founder of a franchise company I always made sure to do this and I offered a financial incentive for those team members who wanted to join the collective brains of the company and strategize and innovate to do it even better. Below is an excerpt of a common type of email sent out to my franchise team to help evaluate and motivate our team’s performance;

“We are instituting a royalty reduction program for January. I need everyone to write down their goals in definite terms and dates through out the year when you want to hit certain mile markers. For instance, if you want to increase sales by $3,000.00 per month in the first quarter, then we need to know that goal. If you believe you will need a certain type of account to accomplish this then write down the name of that account(s). Have alternate account possibilities. If you want a $5,000.00 per month increase then also write down who you might need to hire to do the additional work, write down their names. Additional Equipment necessary; then write down what equipment you will need to do this increase. It is okay to make hard to get to goals, if you do not then you should transfer and sell your franchise since you at that point would lack significant team spirit.”

This always increased our per unit sales volumes and got our franchisees to set real goals. We learned a lot about our selves and our team, as we motivated ourselves to win and stay efficient. This is a great way to motivate your franchisees, dealers or team. Consider all this in 2006.