The Trade Show Booth Rental: Four Things You Might Not Know About This Effective Expo Tactic

Are you currently considering having your organization participate in marketing conventions for the first time? Or, is your business a veteran participant, but your existing exhibits are starting to show their age? A trade show booth rental could prove the marketing solution you’re looking for.

The Modern Trade Show Booth Rental: The Options May Surprise You

Not entirely convinced that a trade show rental has the ability to showcase your organization as the industry trendsetter that it is? Guess again. The modern trade show booth rental process offers clients an impressive range of benefits that simply can’t be ignored. Some of the results yielded with a trade show booth rental include:

Financial Savings: All business owners, at some point throughout their careers, have heard the expression, “You can’t make money without spending money.” While there is truth at the core of this adage, entrepreneurs also know firsthand that there’s only so much that can be done with finite resources (aka the budget). Fortunately, a trade show booth rental offers companies an extensive range of price points to ensure every financial restraint is effectively considered. Often priced at a fraction of the cost of purchased exhibits, leasing a unit can help old and new businesses keep a firm eye focused on the bottom line.

Optimal Convenience: Not sure how you’ll get your stand there and back successfully? Opting for renting a display means that you don’t have to. Many reputable distributors include shipping, setup and breakdown costs as part of their leasing agreement to ensure optimal convenience for clients. You and your team will simply have to turn up ready to meet and greet the crowds – the stand will be taken care of throughout the event.

Comprehensive Customization Options: Of course, cost and convenience are only part of the equation for convention success; an exhibit needs to pack a major promotional punch to passersby throughout the event to ensure that the investment was worth it. A leased display successfully delivers on this front as well. Offering limitless customization options including brand color schemes, product pictures and corporate graphics, you’ll have endless opportunities to ensure that you quickly garner the crowd attention you’re looking for.

Ultimate “Try Before You Buy” Experience: Finally, a trade show booth rental offers all of the benefits of a purchased stand without any of the commitment. This proves a major perk for new business owners trying to determine whether the marketing convention scene makes sense for their organization. It is important to note that renting a stand isn’t just for fledgling organizations – even long-time convention presenters have found invaluable benefits from renting a unit on occasion. Sometimes space is at a premium at certain events; renting a smaller display can ensure your company won’t instantly be ruled out due to its full-sized exhibit. Also, companies of every size have rented booths after launching new product lines and services. These leased units can prove a quick fix for new images and graphics and ensure that your organization doesn’t have to display dated content while waiting for your newly designed purchased booth to be completed.