Understanding Targeted Internet Marketing: Halloween-Style

It’s almost Halloween and you know what that means- trick or treating! This holiday is not only a day for kids to get candy and have fun but actually, Halloween is the perfect metaphor to explain a good business strategy for targeted internet marketing. While kids dressing up and going from house to house to get candy may not be the obvious business scenario, you can actually learn a lot from it!

How does targeted internet marketing work? Businesses can focus their advertising or marketing to specific criteria. This criteria can be based on jobs, hobbies, age- any category that would resonate with potential customers. With the technological advances and ability to track preferences online, it has become considerably easier to analyze all the customers and then utilize that data to better market your product or service.

When developing your strategy, the first step is to clearly define what you can offer your target market.

In this Halloween analogy, your company is a trick-or-treater. Your Halloween costume is what will attract others to you. Your costume is your message- what are you conveying to your audience? This is a key step as the direction that you choose to go down is what you will be stuck with. Make sure that you are thoroughly happy with your costume before you put it on.

Now you are ready to go out. But are you going to go out alone or with a group of people? Your goal for the night is to have fun and get candy. Going out with fiends will help you achieve your goal so you will choose to do so.

As a company, think about whom you can reach out to and connections that you have that will help you reach your goal. Gather your “friends” and have fun!

Other important parts of the night include finding the best houses to go to (ensuring that you campaign has the correct keywords to attract the right people) and not stopping until you are satisfied with the amount of candy you have (committing to targeted internet marketing).

Although you may not have seen it before, trick-or-treating is a clear way to explain a good targeted internet marketing strategy.

For help implementing a new business strategy or reworking a current one, reach out to a business coach! S/he can work with you pick the correct costume for your company and help you reach your goals.