Top Reasons to Translate Your Website

The many improvements in transportation, along with the vast technology of the internet has brought the world much closer together. There are very few things which separate us today. One of the few things that can do so is our language. George Weber, in “Language Today”, lists the top five most influential languages in the world as these, English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic. While The Summer Institute for Linguistics also lists those languages as being in the top ten, no two groups seem to agree on precise numbers or which language is more often used.

One thing that everyone can agree on is that it is absolutely necessary to have more than one language present on your website. If you are to benefit from all of the many buyers and prospective customers in the world, if you are to take advantage of the vast globalization of business today, your website must reflect diversity and respect for the other languages which are in use.

The Top Five Reasons to use a Professional Website Translation Service:

1) Statistics offered by Google and other online companies tell us in no uncertain terms that people are more prone to buy products or services when they are presented in their own language.

2) When you use a professional translator to offer your goods and services to customers you are showing your respect for their language and culture, by offering them the products in a way that they can understand.

3) Nearly two thirds of the world will not be able to understand what you are selling. Many of those who use the internet to do their shopping do not speak English. If they cannot read your website to know what you are selling, you are missing out on millions of dollars of sales that your competition may be selling to. When you do translate, use a translator who knows something about the online business world, who may be an expert in Marketing, Legal, Medical, Technical, Engineering, Advertising, Computer, or websites.

4) Your keywords will not translate into another language without some extra effort. The same keywords that are used in English, Spanish, Chinese or German may not be those which are drawing customers in another language. You need not only a verbatim translation, but one from a translator who knows the language and culture of your target audience.

5) Professional translation specialists are available all around the world, including The United States and Florida in order to build trust between businesses and to adequately be able to communicate your mission and beliefs to your clients and customers, it is necessary to do so in their own language using website translation services.