Sustaining work-related injuries can be an ordeal. You’re likely to spend most of your time worrying about managing them while you heal. Sometimes corporate executives abuse the circumstances by victimizing you or failing to pay you.

However, by standing up for what is right and fighting for it, you may be able to obtain compensation. A knowledgeable attorney with experience in Workers’ compensation in Philadelphia can guide you through the procedure.

1- Common Workplace Injuries

Sprains and strains account for more than 34% of reported job injuries in Philadelphia. However, degenerative disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, herniated discs, fractured bones, amputation, and burns are “job injuries.” These conditions usually come from the following:

  • Lifting cumbersome objects
  • Falling and slipping
  • Repeating motions
  • On-the-job chemical exposure or carcinogens, hazardous waste, or excessive noise.

According to Philadelphia law, your employer needs to offer a safe work environment free of threats to your health. If injuries occur because your employer failed to take steps to safeguard you, this is a clear case of negligence.

In such cases, you should get compensation for medical expenses and other losses incurred due to the accident. This includes pain and suffering.

2- Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation Law

Employers in Pennsylvania are required to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance. This protects their employees in the case of an on-the-job injury or illness. The state licenses workers’ compensation insurance carriers permitted by Pennsylvania law to provide compensation coverage.

The Pennsylvania DLI strives to ensure that employers meet their insurance obligations. They must adhere to state laws governing insurance, safety measures, and workplace rights for injured employees.

3- How Can Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Assist You in Achieving Your Goals?

Over 28,000 businesses are in Philadelphia. Your employer may fail to offer a safe work environment or acts negligently during the processing of your case. In that circumstance, you may be able to pursue compensation from the negligent person through a third-party claim.

4- Types of Workers’ Compensation in Philadelphia That You May Be Eligible For

Employees waive their right to sue in return for workers’ compensation coverage:

Total Incapacity

If you were permanently disabled due to an injury, the insurance provider would pay you monthly benefits. These benefits should be equivalent to two-thirds of your typical weekly earnings.

Incapacity in Part

Assume you have been severely injured and cannot work but can locate less physically demanding employment. You will receive weekly benefits equal to two-thirds of your typical weekly wage in this situation.

Partial Permanent Disability

Suppose you cannot return to your previous employment but can work in a lower-paying occupation. In that case, you may be eligible for partial disability compensation on a sliding scale based on your handicap.

Workers’ compensation attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants that have training can assist you. They can help you file for workers’ compensation in Philadelphia. If you in Philadelphia, these specialists may be able to assist you in obtaining proper compensation.

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