I Guess I’ll See The Pyramids In My Next Life – The Lady Said

As an accomplished traveler, I always enjoy talking to others who traveled around the world or throughout our own country, talking to them about the various sights and sounds. The other day I was at Starbucks and I got into a conversation with the lady who actually worked as a travel agent, had been to five continents, and over 50 countries. She had stories about each one, and it was too bad that we had to end our conversation because it was quite intriguing.

I told her that I’d always wanted to go see the Pyramids, but with all the chaos and controversy going on there after the Arab Spring, and now with the Muslim Brotherhood running the country, I don’t think they want it Westerners traipsing around. Well, I’m sure they’re going to want my money, so maybe they do want me to come and visit, and then leave right away. The reality is I don’t feel safe there, and although there are periods of peace now and again in the Middle East, to me that just means they are reloading, and I’d hate to be in the crossfire when things re-erupt.

She agreed, and she said; I guess all see the Pyramids in my next life, because I have no intention on visiting that country right now. Who knows, maybe in a decade everything will have calmed down again?

Yes, she might be right, or she might not be, and remember she said; maybe. Which is about right, we just don’t know. Luckily, there are plenty of digital pictures, Discovery Channel films, Google Earth, and information on the pyramids for a virtual tourist in that case, so there is certainly enough to quench my thirst, and “maybe” until such a future safe day arrives, that for now I should save my money and vote with my dollar and my feet to go visit some other country instead, there are lots of things to see on many other continents.

Tourism was obviously one of Egypt’s largest industries, but now it’s been severely hurt, and some wonder if it will ever recover. It probably will at some point however it might take quite a while, and that certainly won’t help the economy much there. Indeed it appears that all of the political and civil unrest still has some dust flying around, and things haven’t exactly settled down as of yet. Let’s hope Egypt gets its act together and goes on to build other great things in the future, starting with re-building their economy. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.